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sorry not tryin to shout just emphasize. If you have files that are encrypted through EFS, a copy operation to the File storage can fail unless the copy command is decrypting a copied file. Besides the above-mentioned reasons, it might be the problem of the lockdown folder in iTunes. The tool can easily recover photos after virus attack, disk errors, format error, file system corruption and more. To remove. And the result is successful. ost file. 04 lts I think the exact error message should be "The folder contents could not be displayed". NAS i DataAgent Backup jobs from NAS i DataAgent will be displayed as "Completed w/ one or more errors" in the Job History in the following cases: The contents of all the fixed folders should now be visible again and you should no longer have any IMAP view or any of the other aforementioned issues. on how to display hidden files in all its Windows' versions 10/8. Check and Update to the latest Version of iTunes for Mac or Windows whatever you have. What to do if you can't download or save files This article describes steps to take if you are unable to download or save files using Firefox. , The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. The Set Of Folders Cannot Be Opened’’ Note: If you cannot backup your image files due to hard drive glitches then make use of an effective photo recovery application called Yodot Photo Recovery. If the above methods fail, the issue could be caused by a corruption within your pst-file. A quick way to do this is by right clicking on the Deleted Items folder and choosing “Empty folder”. Can't say that I knew anything about history folders. This folder is designed so that you can add to its contents but not see them. Image: . A13: An extra blank space may appear in the data of an imported picture or document that is not a common size, such as a PDF file from scanned pictures or a PDF file trimmed with ScanSnap Organizer. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again. Jun 2, 2016 Microsoft Outlook cannot access the specified folder location" error, you Find the . Try closing a few programs, etc. g. When trying to create the folder it could be that you get the following error; Cannot create the folder. Some iPhoto/Photos filename or related data may be incompatible with FAT32. Everything came back fine and the problem folder was GONE!!! Worked Perfectly!!! Thanks. Jul 18, 2018 iPad aeroplane mode can't access MS Office files . Open a command prompt by going to Start and typing in CMD. OCX, which is no longer included. You can fix outlook error message "Scanemal. 1. Before going through the steps listed below, make sure that you are not running any back up software’s that is supposed to backup the data file, because if the file is in I think that samba only manages the session, where as the actual Security of the files and folders is still managed by your operating system. Type "command" in the search box DO NOT hit ENTER yet! Many Windows 10 users are facing the sihost. (NOTE: I don't have a low Memory problem or lack of Space) On the Permissions tab, click to select the Folder visible check box in the Permissions area. Fix #2. Also after Pretty print (XML only – with line breaks), should I save the document. All the links are not arranged properly. 2. In conclusion, we have introduced five ways to solve Window 10 installation issue “Windows could not complete the installation. Apr 20, 2017 Because the library files are packages which look like files, the error gets in FAT32 format if they're not listed as being specifically intended for Macs. 2. php file to your FTP. (Virtual machine ID AB4EAD12-CD26-429A-877C-6D06B7EEDF08) 'server' failed to create or access memory contents file E:\Hyper-V\GBVUTS17-1\Virtual Machines\AB4EAD12-CD26-429A-877C-6D06B7EEDF08\AB4EAD12-CD26-429A-877C Error: Your request can't be completed right now. To prevent this situation, import the data after converting it to an image file such as JPEG and TIFF files. The item may be damaged. Message could not be displayed. However, the File storage does not support NTFS EFS. Photoshop: Could not complete your request because of a program error. ) Locate the problematic file on your computer. To remove the read-only property: Open the File Explorer and copy your Quicken data file to your hard drive. Press [Send] to send the scanned data, or press [Cancel] to delete. __ Cannot Display the Folder. To fix this issues, run scanpst. When a subclient containing multiple databases is backed up, if it happens that one of the databases had been deleted from the domino server, during scan phase the deleted database is skipped and is not backed up and the remaining databases get backed up. Only when he deleted the contents of the complete folder, the update could be installed. iTunes may fail to backup your iPhone for several reasons: iTunes may cannot recognize your iPhone; you may not have enough space on your computer's hard drive; or the backup could not be saved on computer etc. Read his page to know the perfect utility to fix errors that have been detected in archive PST on Windows desktop. Try doing a clean. HTH chris. " Basically I am trying to add two CD drives, one holding the Ubuntu Live CD, and the other one holding the VBGuestAdditions. com/ albums/n551/Culinax/Random%20Pictures/error-1. The easiest method is to first empty the Deleted Items folder and then try to delete the message again. From the Start menu, choose Run. choose a different profile, end the session, or time out due to inactivity. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. ” One of the main sources of the problem is lost Internet connection. Do not select any of the files or subfolders, just click Open when Folder Selection is displayed in the File name field. Turns out the autosave is a setting in the game itself and it had been turned off. "One or more ActiveX controls could not be displayed because either: 1) Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page, or 2) You have blocked a publisher of one of the controls. Most websites are configured to disallow directory browsing, so a 403 Forbidden message when trying to display a folder instead of a specific page, is normal and expected. – Sorin Postelnicu Sep 27 '17 at 15:37 Check for URL errors and make sure you're specifying an actual web page file name and extension, not just a directory. . 70 did not set a temporary folder with unpacked files as current. rar and applied this mask only to WinRAR 5. A possible work-around is to capture the STDERR output of del, because in case of deletion errors, the related messages (Could Not Find [], Access is denied. An Illustrator file may become damaged because of low disk space, low system resources, or software conflicts. Please try again later. Why do some folders shared with me appear to be from an unknown user? When a folder is shared from a Personal User Account that does not have  Oct 30, 2014 The sidebar will display, so you can deposit that item in a playlist. "Entered user code is not correct. The Information Store Could Not Be Opened' Error In Outlook Client Navigate to C:\Program Files ( x86)\Microsoft Office\Office XX\Outlook. This mismatch could occur when the data is not synchronized with Active Directory. Therefore, if you are using the same DN that is used on different lines at different partitions, Attendant Console gets confused because the phone configuration looks like a shared line on the same phone to the Attendant Console. http://kb. If the above solutions are not working for you, while, the #1 iTunes alternative – AnyTrans for iOS can also help you backup your iPhone iPad or iPod in an easy way. If you cannot re-create the problem with the new file, the original file may be damaged. png So now I can't. So it did not display archive names for masks like *. “ could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Some users who are not present in AD are displayed, or some users who are present in AD are not displayed. dll file is not in the DLL Cache, or the DLL Cache is corrupted, you will be prompted to insert the Windows installation disc to recover the original files. A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Business Intelligence 10. tableau. If you receive the "Cannot display the folder. NOT ON A HOME Machine. cs file). It's a great Unless I killed the buried mystery folder, its parents would not go away. After I change the docx to zip, should I extract the both document. . txt file or folder in that location ? here is a screen grab   Oct 25, 2018 How To Fix 'Cannot Open Your Default Email Folders. Dec 15, 2017 In iOS 11, Apple introduced a new Files app to manage both local and remote has a different folder hierarchy as it allows to access all files on your iPad now. com/articles/issue/workbook-thumbnails-appear During backup if one of the databases is not accessible, due to reasons like the database could not be opened or the database got corrupt etc. It is propably a js file because I start getting the message after enabling Optimize javascript. VMM cannot complete the host operation on the server. To-Do List - Cannot display folder: Cannot Display Folders-For Contacts: Cannot display the folder. Delete the Outlook . The problem: The WordPress admin dashboard is displaying without CSS. exe error unknown & it is difficult to solve this error without having the prior knowledge of the resolution of hardware This could be because you do not have sufficient privileges to use them or because they are currently being accessed by another program. If the screen is locked, MTP access is disabled. Close Outlook and Lync. If another sending document is queued, wait for a while until it is completed, and send again. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations captured in an electronic forum and Apple can therefore provide no guarantee as to the efficacy of any proposed solutions on the community forums. Can you post the contents of the Photoshop Program Error Log: . Outlook cannot open this item. Dragon NaturallySpeaking will download a new copy from the master roaming user location. Can't open file File not restored; This most often occurs when the properties of your Quicken data file are set to read-only. ” Click to tweet. After that you will see that you are inside the folder because your path  Apr 25, 2018 Can't see your messages or folders after importing them from an IMAP This issue happens because the export/import process maintains the IMAP folder This will copy the contents of the folder without maintaining the Note" On Error Resume Next Set oPA = F. When the recipient's machine is turned OFF or the line is busy, a fax may not be sent. Note: The Refresh Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information. Bottom Line. Therefore, you are likely using EFS in this case. exe depends on your version of Outlook and Windows. 1 Choose a different download folder; 2 Reset . Thus, if Firefox gives you this error, you have to make sure that you are connected to the Internet. " "This program requires MSCOMCT2. or should I extract the whole content of the zip file into a folder. Quit one or more pro During archiving if one of the mailboxes is not accessible, because of various reasons like the mailbox is deleted, or could not be opened etc, then job completes with errors. ost file . As long as you are logged in with the same Apple-ID in App-store, you will not be charged anything. I have little to no pc knowledge and this means nothing to me other than I have no email access. because the Nautilus developers have made it that 3. ” usually indicates that the outlook data file, where outlook has all the information stored cannot be opened. In both cases, the utility claimed it had repaired the database, but when I ran Windows Mail, it claimed that an external program had corrupted the database, During archiving if one of the mailboxes is not accessible, because of various reasons like the mailbox is deleted, or could not be opened etc, then job completes with errors. Method 2 – Delete File/Folder Using Command Prompt. I even tried to give 777 permission but I still keep getting these messages. Windows is often praised for its ease of use, which is why glitches like problems deleting a file or a folder are especially frustrating. Microsoft has a page here to show you how to view You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object. See the folder contact or your system administrator. Could not complete your request because reading arithmetic coded JPEG files not implemented. Q. ’. to resolve this: The scan could not be completed because there was insufficient hard disk memory at the time of saving to the memory device. If there is a file there named Lservrc, delete it and restart the activation process. I was literally in the 11th hour with this issue and the end user was needing the laptop back and this was the last issue standing in the way. The file could not be saved because a file with the same name already exists. Files app and am getting the error "Content Unavailable, The folder folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error. It is recommended to check the version installed is Free or Trial because they are different versions. You can do this via the New Folder button on the Folder tab of the Ribbon. Grab all the folders except that one that didn't copy and drag them to the  Jul 9, 2019 So how can I recover files when the folder wrongly shows empty? that you have hidden the files and cannot see them in the folder. Hence, the contents will not be rendered properly on the Publishing Site. Delete the local roaming user files from the PCs on which that user has been opened. regedit will Not find them because they r not on a home machine. Posted by KapilArya@TWC on June 30, 2013 , in Category Windows with Tags Troubleshoot . htm is displayed correctly. "Memory is full. On the computer containing the mailbox with the folder you want to share, click Options, on the Tools menu. You don't have permission to create an entry in this folder. Apr 28, 2019 Hi Team, Not able to attach OneDrive for business files from Mail The folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error. Your Message Wasn't Delivered Because The Recipient's Email Provider Rejected It Bounce Back Message. The file is Archived, hidden, system, and since a history folder apparently has it's own special properties on how it behaves, it now makes sense in the scheme of things. The save file was an autosave and that turned off the autosave for the game. Also, the content may shrink after importing. There are many solutions to this seemingly simple roadblock, and this walkthrough will introduce you to the different ways that you might be able to get past it I suggest u highlight th fact that those folders are not in th registry on a Home machine as per ur comment above as i keep seeing lots of users cant find th folders. Windows users must be able to write to the folder where the database resides in order to create lock files. would be due to the OS telling Photoshop that the display they should appear on no longer exists. Deleting individual files did not help. If not, grant the user access. Now browse to the folder where the unusual files are located. Within each user's Public folder is an additional folder named Drop Box. Is any able to give me any advice on what to do. PropertyAccessor FolderType = oPA. Scanning has been cancelled. A fax could not be sent because the recipient's machine did not respond within 35 seconds. we could wrongly treat an adding file as newer than archived just because we  Oct 18, 2018 At times you may find to delete files or folders which cannot be deleted on your files or folders you may get an Error message: Could not find this item. The operation failed . " You have entered an incorrect user code. After using the CMD process above to remove the folder I needed to reboot. There is no /PSErrorLog. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Create, Compact, Repair Or Delete Offline Folders (How To Rebuild OST file) for more information. Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. Dreamweaver has a problem discovering and resolving related files if you’ve set Permalinks to anything other than the default. The engineer creates a file with a >TMP extension in the old path and then checks for this file before moving the contents (if the move A file named . The folder contents could not be displayed If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Select whether or not to save the scanned document to the memory device. unavailable - The folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error. NAS i DataAgent Backup jobs from NAS i DataAgent will be displayed as "Completed w/ one or more errors" in the Job History in the following cases: If you receive the "Cannot display the folder. Net Core - page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid 8 How to set correct file permissions for ASP. I have given 755 permission to tmp directory. After finding the could storage setting I loaded a game, did not get the message, but autosave was still not working. xml? one has path word\ and the other has path word\glossary\. Part 2. Normally, automatic renaming is performed to append a number between 1 and 999 to the filename when a file with the same name exists, but the file could not be saved because files with the numbers 1 to 999 appended to them already exist. Click OK. NET on IIS How to fix “Dynamically-related files could not be resolved” message in Dreamweaver. User does not have password change privileges, or file is not modifiable 207 User does not have sufficient privileges to change database schema, or file is not modifiable Check the folder Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Activator\1. This folder is almost the opposite of the rest of the Public folder, which is designed to allow you to see the contents but not necessarily modify them. Then make sure that the nexus is on, with the screen on, and not locked. maintenance file, Access your blog root directory via FTP. The local cache files for the user you have selected cannot be accessed. If deleting the local roaming user file does not help, then the master roaming user file is corrupted. The account is not properly configured. Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation - Run SFC from safe mode and also verify PendingDeletes, and PendingRenames folders exist under C:\WinSxS\Temp; Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them - Problems were found and fixed. iso, and start the machine, then install VBGuestAdditions in the loopback root, and then I would like to be able to access a shared folder. (in firefox, not in IE) Upload the edited functions. Ask the recipient to check the machine status. There is not enough free memory to run this program. The server responded: ‘Invalid mailbox name. Contact your administrator if this condition persists. e. IIS Server & ASP. exe against your Personal Storage (pst-) file. The set of folders cannot be opened. It cannot be opened. - Affinity Photo 1. com/articles/issue/sap-hana-performance-degradation-and-webauth-issue-after-upgrade http://kb. The set of folders could not be opened. On the Delegates tab, click Add, select those you want to give access to the folder. domain. Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document. 28 does not support  But I installed them on my second hard disk because then I can move my You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents. May 7, 2019 CSS Error The folder contents are saved for the duration of a search session. the user’s personal drive for Documents. As a result, the page may not display correctly. Previously WinRAR issued such error only after creating the first RAR volume. Resolution: To overcome this, we thought of having a hidden iFrame in the master page of our Publishing portal, and inside the iFrame, let us load the Authoring Web Application silently. Check you have latest iTunes Version installed. This problem has been around for a while, ever since the introduction of this feature in fact. I just went through this in Oct 2018 on another update that Microsoft eventually pulled because it was so screwed up. Delete messages in the "Outbox" folder and send your email message again. The location of scanpst. If an upgrade fails or is corrupted, the file will remain in the WordPress folder and won’t get deleted. In the Properties dialog box, look for an Unblock button near the bottom right. 7 MTP support is not all that great. Windows Mail encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. ost file and delete it (you may need to Show Hidden Files  Apr 20, 2018 file cannot be played. User does not have password change privileges, or file is not modifiable 207 User does not have sufficient privileges to change database schema, or file is not modifiable Since the 7th of February all my tests are failing with the same error; the log entry reads: RESPONSE MaximizeWindow unknown error: cannot get automation extension from unknown error: page could n Because of the way my machine is set up, I need to relocate the website to a network drive, that being Z:\WWWROOT\inetpub\wwwroot . I recommend using either SSHDroid or DroidNAS and connecting over more "stable" protocols. The server is not available. maintenance. I could not get PPTP VPN connection to work and a known working VPN server so I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 which resulted in missing network drivers list in Network Connections folder. "Destinations to which encrypted files will be sent contain users that could not be verified by the certificates. The information store could not be opened. May 3, 2018 Voila! You should now find iCloud listed within the Files app again, or if it already was, have your iCloud files and folders show up normally. You’ll also find this command when you select the Deleted Items folder and then select the Folder tab of the Ribbon. This is not a valid Portable Document File (PDF) document. Go grab 7-Zip. I'm running CS4 on Win XP (yes, a few of us do still exist) and get this message sometimes when attempting to save. The secret is Permalinks. Cannot Open The Outlook Window. If your IMAP account still doesn’t hold a Sent Items or Deleted Items folder now, you must create them manually. Error: [file type] files can't be previewed; Error: This file is too big to preview the error message Files without extensions cannot be previewed, it's because the  Sep 5, 2014 Contents. Remove the code and upload to your FTP after you’re able to login WordPress. Right-click the file and select Properties. With that being said, if you just have a samba entery for a share set to browse and write, Samba will set that up for all users. WordPress admin dashboard is not displaying properly. ost file corruption; Outlook running in compatibility mode. ‘’Cannot open your default email folders. How to fix “Dynamically-related files could not be resolved” message in Dreamweaver September 9, 2013 Dreamweaver , WordPress Jay Versluis WordPress is made up of over 70 files which may be called to display your site. 6. Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found. Fix #3. Ever try to delete a file and get an Access is Denied error? Or maybe you're trying to copy or move a file or folder and you get a message stating the source file may be in use? It simply corrupted one of the save files. This both removes the folder from search, and modifies how information in the folder is treated and displayed in Explorer. The source files could not be found Fix DISM Errors 87, 112, 11, 50, 2, 3, 87,1726, 1393, 1910, 0x800f081f, etc. To determine if a damaged file is the cause, create a new Illustrator file and perform the same tasks that caused the problem with the original file. Right-click the folder, and then click Properties to check your permissions for the folder. No credentials are needed to access the drive. <filename>. TRAKTOR will indicate a missing file by displaying a yellow exclamation mark next to the track entry after the loading has failed. If you are a user experiencing difficulty with your computer either during or after installing or uninstalling an application, you should contact customer support for the software you are trying to install or remove. Re: I need help with my email it says the folder could not be disp I had already tried using WMUtil and the esentutl command to fix the DB. ". I want to compare folders, but I cannot select a folder in the Browse dialog. [hide]. Outlook window. and press F5 to refresh the folder. xml file and replace the one in the original zip file. Microsoft Outlook cannot access the specified folder location" error, you typically need to rename or delete your . xml file + reports folders >>> parent folder >>> sub folder + metadata file >>> metadata file. ost file corruption. To assign permissions to the shared folder . If you had the folder still selected in Outlook, select a different folder and then go back to the fixed folder so that Outlook can refresh the view and you can see that it is fixed. Data could not be written because the memory space that was allocated for images was full when sending an e-mail/I-Fax or storing to a shared folder/FTP server. Note. Remove old profiles you do not use from under Control Panel > Mail > Show profiles: Re-create an . If you are unable to remove the file using Explorer, you might have better luck using the command prompt. If retrieving network license: I generally don’t use this setting but that’s not to say anther team could not configure it and point the policy at the same location as one I’m using i. Fix iTunes Could Not Back Up the iPhone with an iTunes Alternative. For detailed instructions on the below topics, see: Photoshop Help / Basic troubleshooting steps to fix most issues I was under the impression dfriend846 meant establishing write permissions for the Windows user to the network folder, not creating write permissions for users within Access's own security features or to the database file itself. (Error Code: 102630) How to fix Windows when it's fussy about deleting files. This could be because you do not have sufficient privileges to use them or because they are currently being accessed by another program. Make sure none of your XAML files are referencing that component (which is what's generating the . ) are written there. Photoshop: Basic Troubleshooting steps to fix most issues I’ve tried to collect a set of basic troubleshooting steps that should solve most problems encountered while using Photoshop. "The file could not be created" is the only info I get from Drupal. maintenance is placed by WordPress during an automatic upgrade to notify visitors that the site in under a short maintenance. If the kernel32. There are two ways to deal with this: The file has been deleted and does not exist on the hard drive any more: Right-click on the file in the Browser and select Delete from Collection from the context menu. dll could not be found” from your system via two ways either manually or third party tool. Try again later, or contact the server administrator. ’’ ‘’Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable’’ Personal Folders Can Not Be Open Or Do Not Show Up In Outlook ‘’Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook. Composing new emails and sending it outbound appears to work properly: However, browsing the contents of the sent email exhibits the same error: Clicking on the Drafts node display the following: Your request can’t be completed right now. If you really want to use MTP. Locate the file . Just go to you purchased tab and click download. Make sure the user has read and write access to the folder Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Activator. Contact the administrator. After deleting the local roaming user file, try opening the user again. The scan could not be completed because there was insufficient hard disk memory at the time of saving to the memory device. Also check to see if a solution to your problem is given in one of the articles listed below. exe could not be opened, because an unknown error . This view cannot be displayed because the number of items exceeds the list view threshold defined in your Central Administration; See more This document cannot be downloaded from Google Drive because it is linked to a third-party application Fixing Errors that have been Detected in Archive PST. Check the destinations. When I copy the path above in my browser the folder containing the index. Within the files app "on my ipad" section, I keep getting "content unavailable" Unavailable" The folder could not be displayed because of an unknown error. Open Windows File Explorer (Open Start in Windows and type File Explorer . ’ # ‘Can't move the items. Chalk this one up to  Aug 27, 2018 On Windows 10, OneDrive users can now sync their Desktop, Pictures, the “ Folder protection is unavailable” error because your computer may be part of a domain, in which case you cannot protect the files using OneDrive. Not just from internal drives, even it can recover photos lost during transfer from external storage devices like pen drive, USB, SD card, portable hard drive etc. Error: Can't read file, or Presentation cannot be opened. Browse in the folder contents to the folder you want to compare. “I tried to use MiniTool ShadowMaker to create a system image and restore it to my computer to fix Window could not complete the installation issue. Cannot display the folder. The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender's e-mail address Possible Work-Around. com server because of the error: 'server' could not initialize. Bitlocker-encrypted files can be copied to Azure Files. Click the refresh icon to synchronize ADManager Plus database with your AD. I had a folder , in the Videos folder, that would not delete and I could not delete the folder within either until I tried this. I was wondering where it is said that tmp is the temp Some users have reported issues with not being able to move emails to a file folder in the navigation pane after they have doing an email search in their inbox. Z is the network drive. Jun 12, 2018 But when trying to access the files via the files app from iOS 11, all I The folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error. Request to move a file to a folder fails because of a concurrent request to move the file to the same folder or because of a concurrent request to move the file to another folder 1046 Request to create a folder fails because the folder name is longer that 80 characters. Attendant Console depends on CTI/JTAPI and is not partition-aware because this a CTI/JTAPI limitation. #In Review# Not able to convert the Report metadata to SFDX format when the report is in sub folder , for eg : unzipped folder >>> package. " S/MIME certificates are valid, but the Certificate Authority could not be found for the destination. This folder does indeed exist under Windows 10 (Windows 7 does not have the folder). If that doesn't work, delete the bin obj directories in your solution, then do a full rebuild. To run System File Checker (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10): Click the Start button. can edit in iTunes, making it even easier to tag your files; you don't even need to If it was hidden, because you switched to the MiniPlayer, closing the small window . Additionally, it looks like you have two copies of the same message in the inbox and if you delete one of them, it deletes both of them. I am not operating out of the itunes folder, but my own mp3 collection  Folder contents can not be displayed - Ubuntu 18. 1/8/7. Select the Quicken data file, right-click and select Properties. Dec 1, 2017 Box integration into iOS 11 files app is not working all of the time when folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error. The screen is blank, shows a "proxy error", "Content Unavailable" or While we cannot replicate this feature in the new document browser, you  Sep 20, 2017 The new Files app lets you access all your documents from a central folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error. " I stumbled across this looking for a solution to my "Could not complete your request because of a program error" message. the folder contents could not be displayed because of an unknown error